(EN, FR) NLS Cartels event - "4 + One ≠ 5, A Rendez-Vous with (my) Plus-One"

The NLS Cartel Commission is organizing two cartel events, one in English and another in French, which are open to the general public in 2023. The English-speaking event will take place on Sunday 19th of March in English (18th of February in French), 2023 via zoom from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. GMT time, under the title:

"4 + One ≠ 5
 A Rendez-Vous with (my) Plus-One"


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(EN, FR) Бюлетин на картелите в НЛШ 7/2022

Each text in this issue whilst a singular product of work with its own theme of interrogation demonstrates how each one is confronted with one’s own particular relation to the psychoanalytic cause emerging as it does here via the device of the cartel. This lonely crowd of the school paradoxically is nevermore evoked for each than via the work of the cartel, a grouping of 4 plus one that goes against “blind universalism”1 and which disturbs, provokes, anguishes and mobilises. 


(EN, FR) Бюлетин на картелите в НЛШ 2/2021

Dear Cartelisands of the NLS, The new Reading Committee of the NLS cartels Newsletter 4 + One (Peggy Papada – London, Christel Van den Eeden – Belgium, Aleksandr Fedchuk – Russia, Olivier Clerc – Switzerland) as well as the two new delegates for cartels of the NLS (Joanne Conway – Dublin and René Raggenbass – Suisse) are pleased to present issue number 16 of the Newsletter in its new layout. This is indeed your newsletter, as created by Frank Rollier to present, one-by-one, a selection of work resulting from your reflections of working in cartels, all around the world.

Joanne Conway and René Raggenbass