(EN, FR) Бюлетин на картелите в НЛШ 6/2020


n°15 - June/Juin 2020

En cette période de pandémie, le « respect et silence », selon les mots de Bernard Seynhaeve, se sont imposés et ils ont conduit à l’annulation du Congrès
de Gand sur l’interprétation. 24 « cartels vers le congrès », déclarés à la NLS, étaient alors au travail sur ce thème. Cette perte ne sera pas comblée, même si quelques produits de cartels nous ont été adressés que nous sommes heureux de partager avec vous dans ce numéro.

Enjoy your reading!
Frank Rollier


(EN, FR) Бюлетин на картелите в НЛШ 9/2019


In this season of back to cartels, «4+ one» proposes to your attention four texts that reflect the diversity of topics studied by cartellisands.

Dora Pertessi, under the title «L’urgence collective et le rôle des lathouses», echoing the recent Congress of Tel-Aviv, tells us about these small objects little a that achieve «a singular knot of science, truth and jouissance».

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(EN, FR) 9-ти Бюлетин на картелите в НЛШ 3/2019

This issue presents a set of papers elaborated by members of Flash Cartels formed in the U.S. prior to the Clinical Study Days 12 held in Miami last January on the theme of «The Psychoanalytic Subject in the Maze: Constructions in Analysis.»
Six Flash Cartels had been created several months before on the subject of “Constructions”, producing thirteen papers. Thanks to Alicia Arenas, the Lacanian Compass Cartels’ Delegate, an online videoconference called ”Flash Cartel Presentation” took place one week before the CSD, so as to start situating some of their questions and findings. “4+one” is publishing 5 of them, giving evidence of the desire at work in the Lacanian Compass, the young NLS Associated Group that is now two years old, as well as in the new NLS-Initiative Toronto, and of the fruitfulness of Flash Cartels working in urgency.

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