Communique from the Council and the Executive Committee of the EFP

Communique from the Council and the Executive Committee of the EFP


Dear colleagues,

The spread of Coronavirus has quickly entered the daily life of our countries, our cities, our families. And unexpectedly, as a disturbing agent, it has entered the life of our analytic community. A few days ago, this virus was defined by the World Health Organization as a pandemic; its spread has become planetary. After its initial development in China, where its dissemination seems to have stopped, it has found its epicenter in Europe, firstly in Northern Italy. States are taking steps to contain its spread and reduce its devastating effects on health and on the economy.

With this Communique, the Council and the Executive Committee of the EFP intend, above all, to send a message of solidarity to all countries, communities, families and people affected by this pandemic, and to all our colleagues who are currently experiencing, at various levels, the concern produced by the development of this pathology.

Secondly, we verify that this situation radically modifies, as occurs in all aspects of collective life, the functioning of the life of our analytical community. The Congresses, the international, national and local activities that punctuate our work for the School under normal circumstances, are being gradually canceled or delayed due to the spread of the virus, for obvious reasons relative to health prevention, and according to the measures adopted by government authorities of each State. 

Moreover, the incidence of this pandemic intimately concerns the exercise of analytical practice in those places where contagion has become dramatic: avoiding physical contact, as indicated by health authorities, in the countries where the spread of the virus has spiked - principally in Italy -, has rendered problematic the analytical session in its normal operation. This raises a series of unprecedented problems for us, to which we are confronted in this urgent situation, and which concern the life of the analytical discourse in times of an epidemic such as the current one.

The European Schools of Psychoanalysis, and in particular their Presidents, are at work in this unprecedented situation to be able to, within the context of the EFP Council, face up to the problems that this entails for the transmission of psychoanalysis and for the exercise of its practice, both in Europe and in the world.



Domenico Cosenza, for the EFP Council and Executive Committee: 

Loretta Biondi (president of SLP) 

Laurent Dupont (president of ECF) 

Angelina Harari (president of AMP)

Bernard Seynhaeve (president of NLS) 

Oscar Ventura (president of ELP); 

Maria Bolgiani (Secretary of EFP) 

Alide Tassinari (Treasurer of EFP)

NLS - Communiqué from the President Bernard Seynhaeve

Communiqué du Président / Communiqué from the President  
Bernard Seynhaeve


Chères et chers collègues,


L'École a été informée de la décision de certains de ses membres de suspendre leur activité libérale. Il n’appartient pas à la NLS de donner à ce propos de consigne générale, en revanche elle ne peut encourager personne à poursuivre sa pratique au risque de la diffusion du virus et des dangers que cela occasionne. Il en va de la responsabilité de chacun.


Par ailleurs, NLS Messager ne peut pas annoncer l'annulation ou les reports de tous les événements des Sociétés et des Groupes. Nous proposons que chaque président des Sociétés et des Groupes prenne lui-même l'initiative d'informer sa communauté.


Bien cordialement,


Bernard Seynhaeve




Dear Colleagues,


The School has been informed of the decision of some of its members to suspend their liberal activity. It is not the role of the NLS to give general instructions on this matter. It cannot, however, encourage anyone to continue their practice at the risk of the spread of the virus and the dangers that this entails. It is a matter of the responsibility of each one.


Furthermore, NLS Messenger cannot announce all the annulations or postponements of the events of the Societies and Groups. We propose that each President of the Societies and Groups take the initiative to inform their communities.


Best regards,

Bernard Seynhaeve

Представяне на втория брой на Журнал-а "За симптома" и "Какво е да се формираш за психоаналитик в Школата?"


Покана за събитие - разговор

София 14 февруари 2020

Представяне на втория брой на Журнал-а "За симптома" и "Какво е да се формираш за психоаналитик в Школата?"

Дебат НЛШ -  по посока на подготовката на Клинични работни дни на БОЛП и НЛШ, декември 2020 София

Място на срещата: малка зала ЕСЕНС, ул. "Шести септември" 37, намало 17.30 -  край 19.00 ч.





Скъпи колеги,

Със споделения призив да сме заедно макар и не физически, да ограничим социалните си контакти, УС на БОЛП взе решение да отложи предвидените в календара на БОЛП събития за края на месец март – втора среща на Клинично ателие-Пловдив, Срещата от Втория семестър на Клинично ателие 2019/2020 на 24 март, както и Първата среща за тази година на Училищната лаборатория, предвидено за 28 март.

Надяваме се, че активно участвайки и подкрепяйки предложените мерки за намаляване и ограничаване на социалните, а в това число и нашите психоаналитични срещи, ще съдействаме  за по-бързото връщане на всички ни към нормалния  социален и професионален живот.

Lire la suite : БОЛП - СЪБИТИЯ

СИЕН България


СИЕН България

По време на ПИПОЛ 9 /13 юли 2019/ се състоя международна среща на мрежите „Детство” към „Фройдстко поле” под председателството на Ев Милер-Роз.  На тази среща, освен отговорниците на Интердисциплинарния център за детето /СИЕН/ и на СЕРЕДА от Латинска Америка и Европа, бяха поканени и присъстваха Доминик Лоран /председател и ковчежник на Световната асоциация по психоанализа/, Ив Вандервекен /Директор на Пипол 9/, Анджелина Харари.  На тази среща Ев Милер представи официално СИЕН България и даде думата на Весела Банова да разкаже за работата на СИЕН в България през последните 20 години.

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