(EN) Unconscious and Interpretation: Anne Lysy-Stevens

Unconscious and Interpretation
Anne Lysy-Stevens


This text, based on my introductory presentation from the “Knottings”[1] Seminar held in Tel Aviv in November 2008, reflects the position I had reached at the start of our year’s work. I have been trying to locate the conceptual framework in which interpretation is situated in Lacan’s teaching by rereading some of the fundamental texts and by relying heavily on Jacques-Alain Miller’s lectures, which clarify the logic of Lacan’s teaching. I will certainly not be covering every detail of this trajectory here. Instead, in the first part, I will present you with some of the findings it led me to, and in the second part we will pause together at a specific moment, the lectures of 1975 which seem to me a most enlightening way of approaching Lacan’s final teaching. The hypothesis that has served me as Ariadne’s thread through this investigation is the tight correlation between two concepts, unconscious and interpretation.

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Lacanian Interpretation
Patrick Monribot

Well before Pythia at Delphi, there were already subjects who were taken to harbour some knowledge impervious to reasoning, impervious to the sum of acquired experiences, impervious to the Logos. They were the conveyers of a knowledge that flowed out of them and came from the beyond. In this capacity, they were required to interpret, i.e. to transmit. Thus the first function of the interpreter was to be the messenger of the gods, if the historical dictionaries are to be believed.
The psychoanalyst, who also deals with a particular register of the unknown, the unconscious, is no exception to the rule: he has to interpret. Our exploration will look at Lacanian interpretation. Qualifying it as ‘Lacanian’ means that there are other possible types of interpretation, which vary according to different conceptions of the unconscious.

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(EN) Conceptions of the Unconscious and Doctrines of Interpretation: Lieve Billet

Conceptions of the Unconscious and Doctrines of Interpretation
Lieve Billet

A matter of technique – a metapsychological stake
Lacan’s teaching is not One. It extends over several decades and is deployed through changeable slippages, references and inspirations, through radical reversals, even. For many years now, Jacques-Alain Miller’s lecture course has served as a compass for reading and exploring this teaching. His 1995-1996 lecture course The Flight of Meaning [La fuite du sens] was devoted to the question of interpretation in psychoanalysis.

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Тъй като всеки две години идвам да предложа насока за следващите работни дни на Психоаналитичния институт за детето, предлагам института и тези, които участват в неговите изследвания да се заинтересуват от юношеството. Това не е заглавие, оставям на ръководството на института да го формулира, но е насока. Предлагам да мислим в посока на юношеството.

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