(EN) Towards the NLS Congress 2021 - Bodily Effects of Language, Argument

The Bodily Effects of Language

NLS Congress 22-23 May 2021




Alexandre STEVENS

Language, speech and discourse have effects on the body. It is at the very origin of the symptom that affects the body and that “expresses something structured like a language”. (1) Lacan takes up this expression in “The Function and Field of Speech and Language”: “symptoms can be entirely resolved in an analysis of language, because a symptom is itself structured like a language: a symptom is language from which speech must be delivered”. (2)

The effects of language on the body are articulated in the diachrony of Lacan's teaching according to a variation that goes from signifying mortification, in the classical period of his teaching, to the effect of jouissance arising from the impact of the signifier on the body, in the later Lacan.


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Да прескочиш изградената (от теб) стена - Ан Беро

Да прескочиш изградената (от теб) стена

Ан Беро


Между мъжа и жената,

Има любов.

Между човека и любовта,

Има свят.

Между човека и света,

Има стена.[1]

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