(EN, FR) Бюлетин на картелите в НЛШ 09/2017


This September issue presents 4 papers written by members of cartels registered on the NLS website, reflecting the diversity of the possible uses of the psychoanalytic School’s “basic organ” (Lacan): cartels around the reading of texts; a cartel dealing with Ethics and the formation of the analyst; a flash cartel designed to prepare an exceptional event. Two papers attest to the rigor of reading Freud’s fundamental texts and Lacan’s Seminars : Helen Koumidi, a Greek member of a cartel on the Seminar Encore, examines the suicide of the “Heavens Gate” cult members, in the light of the love for its leader who was the object of a mass transference. Sebastian Godlewski, member of a Polish cartel, “Around the Unconscious”, presents his reading of the Witz based on Freud’s work and following Lacan’s successive stages leading to the witticism famillionnaire.

Two more papers stem from Viennese cartels and reflect the link between psychoanalysis and politics. They are right at the heart of current events. Gerhard Reichsthaler, plus-one of a cartel on Ethics, shows how psychoanalysis has been destroyed twice in Austria and today strives to be present again, notably through the work of cartel members. Markus Zöchmeister connects the status of people deported by Nazism with the situation of refugees today, many of whom have reached Vienna. He is the plus-one of a Viennese cartel which takes part in preparing a Zadig Forum entitled “Fear of the Other. Segregation or Discourse”, to be held in Vienna on September 9, with the participation of Jacques-Alain Miller and Lilia Mahjoub, President of the NLS. 


Enjoy your reading!

Frank Rollier

NLS Cartels Delegate